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Why this site

Welcome to the world of VLSI.

In any subject, there could be many difficult theorems, rules and concepts and one has to understand and remember them.

This site is for all those have interest in Digital Hardware Design. This site contains all the concepts in form of questions and answers, which can be referred as a interview preparation guide.

We have included an another special thing which is chapter Easy Concepts. In this chapter we tried to explain difficult concepts of electronics with the help of our day-to-day activities AND/OR pictorial form.

In other sections you would find the basic faqs related to the hot topics of VLSI/ASIC Design like verilog HDL, VHDL, ASIC Design flow, CMOS circuit design, Digital Design … etc

Hope you will enjoy Learning

Your suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome to make this site better


One Response to “Why this site”

  1. Abinaya said

    m abinaya, thank u sir for opening such an intelligent site which helps students like me. Thank u for ur idea.

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